Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Athletes Guild (AG)?

Immerse yourself in a world where ancient training techniques, rigorous physical conditioning, and specialized coaching converge to shape you into an extraordinary athlete. Our fusion of sports science, advanced performance training, and a supportive community forms the cornerstone of the Athlete's Guild. Engage in intense athletic challenges, personalized skill development programs, and collaborative training sessions that demand unparalleled dedication and courage. Alongside like-minded athletes, you will forge unbreakable bonds, forming a community of indomitable spirits, inspiring and propelling one another towards unprecedented greatness.

What types of memberships does AG offer?

Private Training, Semi- Private Training, Online Training

Are there age restrictions for memberships?


How do I cancel my membership?

ALL monthly membership will be subject to a thirty-day cancellation notice. This notice must be emailed to and our required cancellation form must be completed to officially enact your thirty-day cancellation notice. If the notice is presented within 30 days of the next bill date, you will be charged a final month. Cancellations will not be prorated. CLICK HERE FOR CANCELLATION FORM

Are the training programs sport-specific?

All of our programs are "Athlete-specific." once our initial movement evaluation is completed, we can cultivate a customized program to each specific athlete. We consider those particular variables and movement metrics as well as chronological age, biological age, training age, the "Season" of each sport (off season, in-season etc), the demands of the position the athlete plays, and of course the demands of the sport.

What qualifications do your trainers have?

Our coaches have a combined experience of over 30+ years training athletes. With Master's and Bachelor degrees in Sports Performance, Exercise Science, Kineisology, and over 15+ certifications, our well trained staff was hand picked to offer our community the best the industry has to offer.