How Parents Can Support Young Athletes in Developing Foundational Movement Patterns

How Parents Can Support Young Athletes in Developing Foundational Movement Patterns

Hello, parents and caregivers of aspiring athletes! We're back to share valuable insights on how you can play a pivotal role in supporting your youth athlete's development of foundational movement patterns. These patterns are crucial for their success and well-being, and your involvement can make all the difference.

Encourage Diverse Physical Activities

Expose your child to a variety of physical activities from a young age. Encourage them to try different sports, games, and exercises to help them develop a wide range of movement patterns. This diversity will build a more comprehensive foundation.

Lead by Example

Children often learn by observing the adults in their lives. Show your commitment to physical activity and proper movement patterns by being a role model. Engage in active pursuits, emphasize good form, and make it a family affair.

Seek Professional Guidance

Consider enrolling your young athlete in structured programs, like those offered at the Athletes Guild, led by experienced coaches. These professionals can teach correct movement patterns and ensure that your child is progressing safely.

Prioritize Play

Structured sports and workouts are important, but don't forget the value of unstructured play. It allows children to experiment with different movements and develop coordination in a fun and natural way.

Create a Supportive Environment

Ensure that your child has access to a safe and encouraging environment for physical activity. This could be a well-equipped playground, a sports club, or a gym with experienced coaches who prioritize safety and development.

Patience and Positive Reinforcement

Recognize that every child progresses at their own pace. Be patient and provide positive reinforcement for their efforts and improvements. Encouragement can go a long way in helping them embrace foundational movement patterns.

Stay Informed

Educate yourself about the principles of movement and athletic development. Understanding the basics will enable you to better support your child's journey and communicate effectively with coaches and trainers.

Celebrate Progress

Celebrate your young athlete's milestones and achievements. Whether it's perfecting a squat or mastering a more complex skill, acknowledging their hard work can boost their confidence and motivation.

A Bright Athletic Future

Your involvement in your child's development of foundational movement patterns is an investment in their athletic future. By fostering a love for physical activity and proper technique, you're setting them up for success both on and off the field.

We hope this guide helps you support your young athlete's journey. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we'll continue to share valuable insights for athletes and parents alike.


Wishing your young athlete an exciting and fulfilling journey with the Athletes Guild!